Spring Term 2021

Phonics assessments were completed for year 2 children, 16 out of 19 children passed the assessment.


Using our 6Rs we will continue to support our pupils in school or at home, remote learning by:


  • Jigsaw units – Dreams and Goals and Healthy Me
  • responding to comments appropriately (This can be online or in person depending on where you are. This includes feedback to tasks and being polite).
  • taking the time to ask someone how they are 



  • reminding children the importance of good hygiene
  • completing and submitting tasks on time and to the best of your ability
  • attending online meetings


  • updating playground games and activities, more open-ended boxes of equipment
  • making sure answers are submitted in complete sentences
  • thinking about how to get round problems – can it be done another way?
  • World Book Day costumes



  • checking your spellings and punctuation before submitting work
  • revisiting previous learning tasks – is there something there that can help me?
  • discussing favourite books and explaining why


  • continuing to engage with learning both at home and in school



  • commenting or responding to feedback provided to task completion
  • Red Nose Day