Funding Plan for Summer 2021

With a full return to school Autumn NFER assessments to be completed for children in year 2 to 6 in reading and maths. Using the NFER analysis tool alongside FFt will help identify potential areas to work on with whole groups or individuals for the rest of the term.

Some children will be supported during the first half of term with a number of maths and English interventions, including using a National Tutor as this is greatly subsidised by a Government grant. We will review support and decide who needs this to continue and the best format to use, hence the possible teacher and teaching assistant extra hours.


Using our 6Rs we will continue to support our pupils in school by:


  •          Jigsaw units – Relationships and Changing Me
  •          reinforcing our behavior policy and how we should treat each other
  •          social skills activities to support children returning to larger social groups
  •          CAP UK workshops for KS2 classes



  •          reminding children the importance of trying their best
  •          taking pride in the presentation of their work
  •          remembering to bring the resources required to support their learning, e.g. reading books, PE kits, etc
  •          remembering to complete homework tasks and practising key skills
  •          staff modelling good behaviours



  •          updating playground games and activities, more open-ended boxes of equipment
  •          reminding children to use the information and resources available to them for support prior to asking the adults, e.g. working walls, peers.
  •          continuing to reinforce answers, whether spoken or written, are to be submitted in complete sentences
  •          thinking about how to get round problems – can it be done another way?




  •          explaining the reasons behind the decisions made with the new routines and rules in school
  •          using maths and English working walls to support learning and problem solving
  •          checking your spellings and punctuation before submitting work
  •          revisiting previous learning tasks – is there something there that can help me?
  •          developing comprehension skills through class reading


  •          promoting stamina in activities and a desire to keep going by setting small targets
  •          promoting and learning to adjust back into larger groups/classes
  •          staged return to larger groups in the playground
  •          Year 6 residential – taking part in adventurous activities and sleeping away from home
  •          school trip participation


  •          commenting or responding to feedback provided to task completion
  •          PSHE sessions to discuss relationships and how things may have changed in the past twelve months
  •          looking forward to September and the new challenges ahead, possible change of class
  •          transition to secondary school for year 6





By whom

Predicted Cost

Actual Cost

Supply cover for Willow Class for teacher led interventions

1 afternoon per week



Mr Brown



Supply cover for Oak Class for teacher led interventions

1 afternoon per week



Miss Dunsford



Supply cover for Ash Class for teacher led interventions

2 mornings per week



Miss Norton



NTP – 1 to 1 mentors

15 hours per child (groups of 3)

Summer term

1 to 1 mentors



Extra teacher support

Approx. 10 days





Extra teaching assistant support

Approx. 10 days