Key Stage 2

Please see below a suggestion of how to organise your day, should you need to be away from school for a period of time. Your class teacher will be in touch via E-Schools or Google Classroom with some work for you to complete, so use the following activities for the first day you are away, and to add to any learning set.

Activity Recommended Time Ideas Useful links
Read 20 minutes
  • Read a book
  • Re-read a favourite book
  • Read some suitable content online
  • Use Read Theory
Audible Stories
Times Tables 15 minutes
  • Pick a times table that you know well, one you are learning at the moment, and one you do not know. Write down the multiples up to 20x.
  • Use TT Rockstars
Times-tables games online
Practice your spellings 20 minutes
  • Log into Spelling Shed and practice some spellings appropriate to your age.
  • Practice your weekly spellings - write them in sentences.
 Be active  1 hour (spread across the day)
  • Have a go at Jasmine PE challenges
  • Do some Cosmic Yoga on YouTube
  • Try a timed challenge inside or out 
 Go Noodle
Draw something  1 hour
  • Have a look around your house and draw something
  • Find a tutorial to copy
  • Use some natural resources from outside to create some art 
 Doodle Masterclass
Cook or prepare some food  30 minutes
  • Work as a family to prepare lunch
  • Take orders, deliver and then clean up breakfast
  • Help cook an evening meal 
Recipes and Food Information
Make something  1 hour
  • Get creative and build something with objects around the home
  • Design a moving vehicle with Lego
  • Make up a dance routine 
Recycling Crafts