Learning to learn

At Whimple Primary, we have our 'Whimple Wonders' - six delightful apple characters, each linked to an explicit learning skill. These apple characters were designed by our pupils, and are also linked to the Skills Builder Universal Framework for essential skills.
Harvey - Resilience - Staying Positive
Iden - Resourcefulness - Creativity
May - Respect - Teamwork
Pearl - Responsibility - Leadership
Latimer - Reasoning - Problem Solving
Elstar - Reflection - Aiming High


Resilience - Staying Positive: Tell when you and others feel positive or negative. Keep trying and staying calm when something goes wrong. Think about what happened when something goes wrong, and help cheer others up and encourage them to keep trying.


Resourcefulness - Creativity: Imagine different situations, say what you imagine and bring them to life in different ways. Generate ideas when you have been given a clear brief. Generate ideas to improve something, by combining different concepts and using creativity in the context of work.


Respect - Teamwork: Work with others in a positive way by behaving appropriately, being on time and reliable and by taking responsibility for completing tasks. Work well with others by supporting them if you can do so, whilst understanding and respecting diversity of others' cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. Contribute to group decision making.


Responsibility - Leadership: Know how you feel about something and can explain your feelings to someone. Recognise others' feelings about something and manage dividing up tasks between others in a fair way. Manage time and share resources to support completing tasks. Manage group discussions to reach shared decisions. Manage disagreements to reach shared solutions. 

Reasoning - Problem Solving:  Complete tasks by following instructions, finding someone to help if you need them, explaining problems to someone for advice if needed and by finding information you need. Explore problems by creating different possible solutions, thinking about the pros and cons of possible solutions and exploring complex problems by identifying when there are no simple technical solutions.
Reflection - Aiming High: Know when you are finding something too difficult and know what doing well looks like for you. Working with care and attention to detail and working with pride when you are being successful. Work with a positive approach to new challenges. Set goals for yourself informed by an understanding of what is needed.