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Meeting Dates: Tuesday 20th February.  7-8pm at the Thirsty Farmer.


Welcome to Whimple Primary PTA



We would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Whimple Primary Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We are very much looking forward to meeting you, be that in person or virtually!

Until September 2020 we were called FoWS or Friends of Whimple School. At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 30th September it was agreed that we would rebrand. As we progress with applications for funding and providing sponsorship opportunities for local businesses we strongly believe that a PTA is more widely recognised and understood.

As you can imagine things will be a bit different this year, so we are working hard to find more effective ways to keep in contact and keep doing the amazing things we do.  


What is Whimple Primary PTA?

The PTA is your Parent Teacher Association, and our role is much more than simply fundraising. We provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring parents together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal. It is also a great way to meet new people, make friends and have fun.

We have three main aims, to:

  • Support you and your family on your journey through the school
  • Raise funds to enhance and enrich the provision of positive learning experiences for the children 
  • Run a series of events and activities throughout the year to make the school year fun and memorable for everyone


What can the PTA do for you?

Alongside our role of raising money, we are here for you.  We can act as your voice to represent your ideas, concerns and suggestions to the school and governors in our official capacity as elected Office Bearers. We can also help signpost you to useful information and resources. 

You can contact us directly as individuals or via the PTA email address detailed above, or through your class representatives. 



Who are the PTA?


The Committee: 

The Committee Office Bearers are all volunteers elected at the AGM. Our roles are as follows:


President                               Carole Shilston

Chairperson                           Mark Paterson

Secretary                               VACANT

Treasurer                               Hannah Ward-Best

Assisting Trustees                 Polly Luscombe

                                            Katie Pearson

                                            Kaya Taylor


Class representatives:

At the start of the academic year, each class nominates two class representatives. Throughout the year they assist in arranging one class fundraising event such as previous years’ cake sales, and can represent their class for any matters that need raising to the PTA. 


Your Class Representatives this year are as follows:

Elm class:        Dawn Ross

Ash class:        Katherine Pankiewicz and Catherine Evans-Martin

Oak class:        Susan Pearce and Abi Rose

Beech class:     Polly Luscombe and Kaya Taylor

Willow class:    Lynn Brind


Other ways the PTA can raise money


You can also register with Easyfundraising. Thousands of retailers are available from supermarkets to toy shops to hotel and insurance retailers. Simply sign in and start your normal shop from the easyfundraising website. A percentage of your purchase will be donated by the retailer to Whimple PTA. Simple!


Further Information:

Parents and Guardians:

As a parent or guardian you are also automatically a member of the PTA for the duration of your child’s attendance at Whimple Primary School. We actively encourage all parents or guardians to get involved in any way they can so that we can continue to support each other, raise funds for the school and maintain the strong community that makes Whimple School the wonderful place it is. 


How does the PTA raise money?

The Coronavirus pandemic has given us an opportunity to rethink how we operate. Some of the more familiar ways of raising money simply won’t be possible or will have to look a little different, so we are making a few changes to ensure we are still able to support the school in the most effective ways possible. In light of all that, we will:


  • Apply for funding grants and funding to support specific goals and opportunities
  • Register as a charity to enable us to apply for grants and funding from a wider variety of organisations 
  • Run a series of fundraising events in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines
  • Offer sponsorship opportunities for local businesses 


Where does the money go?

Throughout the academic year we support school trips, equipment purchase, building improvements and events for the children, such as the Christmas Fair and Year 6 leavers celebrations. 

We will let you know specific fundraising goals and where the money has or will be spent as soon as they are agreed.


How can you help us?

We would love you to be involved in whatever capacity you are able to. There will be opportunities throughout the year, be that baking a cake, helping out during events, or providing professional expertise. 

We will keep you up to date with a regular newsletter, via your class representatives, or by email. 

You can contact us using the details below.


Bags are to be left on the right hand side of the Thirsty Farmer Carpark.
Many thanks

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