Curriculum Overview



Our school’s vision for education enables children to flourish in a creative and caring environment. This vision is realised by encouraging all members of our school’s community to support and challenge each other to develop independence, resilience and confidence so that all of our pupils can enjoy a lifetime of learning.


Our curriculum gives everyone this opportunity and encourages learning in the broadest sense through lessons, projects, home learning, visits and visitors and using both our local community and beyond to develop skills that will last a lifetime. The National Curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum.


The curriculum is designed to be ambitious and expects that every child will be the best that they can be, regardless of their starting points in life. We support children who do not have opportunities to experience the wider world through our teaching, visits and other activities that build a rich and diverse foundation for a secure future.


We have chosen a knowledge-rich curriculum which follows a carefully planned sequence towards specified end-points, as set out in the National Curriculum. The 2002 Education Act requires schools to provide a ‘balanced and broadly based curriculum’ which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of children at our schools and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We intend to deliver the 2014 National Curriculum in a purposeful, engaging and creative way by providing a broad curriculum that ensures that there are enough subjects on the timetable and a balanced curriculum that ensures that each subject is given sufficient space on the timetable to deliver its distinct contribution.


The school’s 6Rs are at the core of our curriculum. These have been easily aligned to the Skills Builder essential skills.

 Our 6Rs are known as the Whimple Wonders and have named Apple Characters:

                                                Harvey - Resilience - Staying Positive

                                                Iden - Resourcefulness - Creativity  

                                                May - Respect - Teamwork       

                                                Pearl - Responsibility  - Leadership  

                                                Latimer - Reasoning - Problem Solving           

                                                Elstar - Reflection - Aiming High

The curriculum shapes and determines what children will gain from their educational experience. It is the substance of what is taught and is built on the progression of skills and knowledge that children will need to become responsible global citizens of the future.

Our school is committed to developing positive relationships between all those who make up its community. Our vision is that children who are safe, happy and cared for learn best and that their emotional wellbeing is every bit as important as their learning. 

Please open the documents below to find the planned curriculum for Key Stage 1.
Please open the documents below to find the planned curriculum for Key Stage 2.