Bullying and Prejudice/Hate Incidents

It is wrong for anyone to:

  • Bully you.
  • Take or harm your things.
  • Hurt you or call you names.
  • Make you feel frightened or stop you from going places.
  • Touch you without your permission.
  • Ask you to do things that make you feel humiliated.
  • Be nasty about you (or others) because of your background and how you look.  For example, because you are or identify as a boy or girl, or because of your skin colour or if you have a disability, or you are gay, or because of your religious beliefs.
  • Make homophobic comments like “that’s so gay” about something silly or ugly, or racist comments like “Muslims are terrorists”.

There are a number of ways you can report an incident of prejudice/hate or bullying.

In the first instance, please tell a member of the school staff if you can.