Funding Plan for Autumn 2020

Using existing part-time experienced UPS teacher to provide extra hours to support Willow Class for 2 hours per week enabling the class to be split in half for more concentrated maths and English sessions.

One hour per week with Oak Class to support maths session and improve place value knowledge.

Increasing staff hours to support EH4MH champion to meet with children

Increase intervention teacher hours to support Willow Class 3 hours per week.

Purchasing online reading/phonics resources to support reading and phonic both at school and at home. This can also be used for remote learning when required.

Purchase TT Rockstars to support Times Tables practice at KS2, also for remote use. Explore options for an online maths program for KS1.

Purchase NFER Assessments tests to help analyse for gaps. This along with staff time for CPD to look through new maths materials from NCETM. This will improve the quality of teaching and therefore improve outcomes for children. This model could be used for English in the spring term.

Purchasing Sir Linkalot, an online spelling programme which is active and visual to support all of our writers in class, also for remote use.

Support will be provided within class in the spring term as determined by discussions with class teachers, assessments and individual needs.





By whom

Predicted Cost

Support for English and maths sessions in Willow Class

2 hours per week

3 hours per week



Miss Clark

Mrs Major



Support for maths session in Oak

1 hour per week


Miss Clarke


EH4MH support for various children as required

1 hour per week

November December

Miss Clarke


Purchase online reading and phonics resources



Mrs Shilston


Purchase TT Rockstars for KS2



Mrs Boyd


Purchase NFER assessments



Mrs Shilston


Staff CPD time to support maths

1 afternoon for each KS




Sir Linkalot



Mr Brown