Events 2015-2016

At Whimple we like to have an event! Street parties, drama productions, fund raising, sports events etc all give opportunities to extend the children's learning and responsibility. Scroll down to see pictures and read about our recent events. For Past Events click on the links in the side bar.
We celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday by holding a party. We looked at the life of the Queen over the last 90 years. We had our own 'Queen' who shares the Queen's official birthday and our own 'King' who shares her actual birthday. Children learned about the Queen's role and duties and made bunting and place mats that reflect her role.
Our School Summer Fayre is run by FOWS - Friends Of Whimple School. It is a great day for the school and village communities to come together. Many children run stalls and learn about costing, pricing, advertising and stoke management. it is also an opportunity for our choir to sing and for some maypole dancing.

As part of our work on democracy Years 2-6 voted in our own version of the European Elections. Beech class gave us all a history of democracy and then presented an appropriate version of the arguments for ‘leave’ and ‘remain’. The children all cast their vote using the Ancient Greek method of using black or white pebbles.

The result - Remain won with 66% of the vote. If you want to find out more about Europe, click on the link

On Friday 17th June we took part in Save the Children Den Day. Children built shelters big and small and teachers talked to them about what it means to feel safe and have shelter. The money raised came to £237.25. We would like to thank everyone who sent in materials to help make the day a real success.