Clubs Autumn 2019

The following clubs are taking place this term. If your child is interested in joining one of our regular clubs please let us know.




After school



  Street and Disco Dance

Year R-4 (*SS)




Beginners recorders

Advanced recorders


Multi sports (invitation only)


Instrument Tuition 

Athletics Years 1-6 (*SS)



Dodgeball Year 3-6 (*SS)




Football Club All Years (*SS)

 * To book Sporty Stars click on the link 

Tiger Karate - please email Gurmare Singh at: for more details.


Music Tuition

If would like to contact the music teachers involved the details are below:

Jude Carter: clarinet, saxophone, orchestra and beginner piano

Emma Palmer: choir, recorders, piano and clarinet

Sarah Greinig: violin   (01404 823541)

Gail Denning: brass instruments: cornet, trumpet or tenor horn    ( 07779993816)

Ruth Toze: flute, bassoon, guitar, music summer school 



Useful websites:  - lots of things for all areas of the curriculum - maths, English and science activities for key stage two - maths and English activities and games challenging science website, particularly good for upper key stage two - science activities for all primary ages - science activities for key stage two - lots of maths and English games to play for key stage one